Look to L.E. Whitford for innovation, value, technical expertise and persistent follow-through. The latest in security technology provides a level of protection, access and connectivity that was previously beyond reach. Today, it is not only possible, it is affordable and impressively effective.

What can technology deliver? The ability to see exactly who has access where and when, right at your fingertips. The means a transition from mechanical keys to electronic credentials with technology that is easy to install, easy to manage and easy to use.

We will work with you to consider affordable electronic locks and credentials for offices, common areas and sensitive spaces. We access your specific business security needs and respond with customized solutions that meet your precise requirements – developed to fit any size of business or budget and easily adaptable to your growing or changing business needs.

What’s new? Wireless locks, cloud-based web and mobile apps make it simple to manage and configure, add and delete credentials and view lock history from anywhere. Advanced capabilities provide additional layers of protection and electronic paper trail. Among the advantages – electronic access control credentials can be quickly assigned and revoked, making them ideal for employees, contract workers, visitors and service providers.

Bring a level of security to your workplace, along with convenience and flexibility. L.E. Whitford works closely with industry leading manufacturers to identify and install the dependable hardware and systems that will provide precisely what your business needs.

bring a new level of security to your workplace