l.e. whitford history
L.E. Whitford Co. has been a tradition for businesses and families in East Hartford and throughout Connecticut for two generations.

Securing Connecticut is more than a slogan for L.E. Whitford, it describes a proud family history of professional service, industry expertise and neighborly commitment.

Since 1948, the Whitford family has provided locksmith and security services that businesses and residents in East Hartford, central Connecticut, and well beyond have come to depend on. With an uncommon dedication to personal service and an unwavering allegiance to industry best practices and high standards, L.E. Whitford Co. continues to stand out as a leading safety and security specialist.

It began in the aftermath of World War II, when Len Whitford, whose son Lee now runs the business, launched the company. At first, the business sought to fill immediate needs in East Hartford’s commercial community, providing power equipment and skilled lawnmower repair. A storefront was added to the family homestead on Connecticut Boulevard, and much of the work was done in the 4-bay garage out back.

By the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, the business evolved with the times and in response to local needs. Equipment repair, from lawnmowers to snow blowers, soon gave way to a growing expertise in locksmith services. Local homeowners and businesses knew they could depend on L.E. Whitford for everything from sharpening cutlery to installing locks and safety devices.

As technology advanced in recent decades, and the requirements for more sophisticated electronic security systems took hold, L.E. Whitford was ready for the times. Not every security company was led by an individual with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, but as the second generation of the Whitford family settled in to take the reins, the transition to a technology-based security business took hold.

With a firm foundation and steadily looking to the future, L.E. Whitford is a Connecticut tradition that retains its customer-focused approach as strongly as ever, delivering security solutions for a new generation of business and residential clients.

a connecticut tradition delivering security solutions.